PVB Film is used as interlayer film in production of laminated safety glass for Automotive front glass and buildings; And potential costumers of PVB Films are glass factories. The PVB film is a high molecular polymer made from PVB resin and plasticizer, together With different additives according to different application and formed through Plasticization and extrusion by extruder. It is semitransparent, elastic, flat, without Impurity but with some roughness.
The PVB film is a strong adhesive, well-known for its properties as high transparency, Heat-resisting, cold-resistant, moisture-proof, and irradiation resistance. Insulation and High mechanical strength and the best adhesive material for laminated glass.
The laminated safe glass can enhance elasticity of glass and absorb impact forces from Outside. Even the glass Is broken, the film still adheres tightly to the surface of glass and Keeps the structure as usual, which protects people from accidental injure and robbery.
PVB film can damp sound waves and effectively block the spread of the noise. It can also Effectively block the penetration of ultraviolet ray to reduce greatly heat and the damages To human body and objects.


Razin PVB Interlayers at a Glance

  •  Other widths and thickness could be produced based on customer’s request.
  •  All products wind with interlayer PE films and pack in vacuum sealed 3L AL/PE foils.